Internationale Luchthaven Oostende-Brugge
Datum Vlucht Tijd Bestemming Terminal Status
30/11/2022 TB1171 06:00 Alicante Vertrokken om 05:54
30/11/2022 TB1631 09:25 Gran Canaria Vertrokken om 09:25
30/11/2022 TB1631 09:25 Tenerife Vertrokken om 09:25
01/12/2022 TB1071 06:00 Malaga
01/12/2022 TB1801 08:30 Tenerife
01/12/2022 TB1265 13:30 Murcia
Datum Vlucht Tijd Herkomst Terminal Status
30/11/2022 TB1172 11:50 Alicante Geland om 11:33
30/11/2022 TB1631 20:35 Tenerife Geland om 20:28
30/11/2022 TB1631 20:35 Gran Canaria Geland om 20:28
01/12/2022 TB1072 12:35 Malaga

The North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) operates the facilities for general, private and business aviation at Ostend-Bruges International Airport in Belgium. The brand new FBO facility consists out of a 900m2 passenger terminal and almost 5000m2 of hangar space to provide a full range ground handling.

NSAC provides opportunities for local aircraft maintenance, medical pilot examinations and rental office space.

NSAC staff is fully dedicated to meeting your personalised requirements to world-class standards:

  • Meet and greet upon arrival
  • Customs and immigration assistance
  • Excellent VIP lounge experience
  • Prime catering services
  • Hotel & restaurant reservation
  • Limousine & car and bike rentals
  • Charter reservation (aircraft & helicopter)
  • Crew snooze rooms & private shower rooms
  • Aircraft ground handling services

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